Getting More Calcium In Your Diet – A Great Way To Reap Maximum Health Benefits

Milk is known as the best way to get calcium in your diet

Milk is known as the best way to get calcium in your diet

A calcium based diet is great for the bones and teeth and particularly to kids who are in their developmental stages. Some studies have also been keen to suggest that the benefits of calcium alongside vitamin D are beyond the health of bones, perhaps countering conditions such as high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. This therefore makes the mineral a great tenet for anyone who values a quality diet and dieting plan.

5 Ways to Get More Calcium into Your Diet

Skim or Low fat milk

Milk is one versatile source of calcium. Reportedly, a single cup supplies almost a third of the level of calcium your body needs every day. For a healthy milk shake, consider pouring it in your favorite cereal, blending it with some chopped mangoes or using it to make some hot cocoa. Skim or low fat milk in this form will help you leverage more calcium in your diet therefore allowing you to meet the highest levels of health and physical well-being.

Collard Greens

Some fruits and vegetables have calcium too

Some fruits and vegetables have calcium too

Collard greens are an excellent source of calcium and minerals. One cup when partially cooked delivers 260 mg of calcium with studies showing that calcium from cruciferous vegetables such as collard are highly absorbed in the body than other sources (-such as spinach).

Low-fat Yoghurt

Fully compressed and skimmed low fat yogurt provides almost half your daily needs for calcium. Luckily with basic knowledge, you can make your own flavored yogurt hence saving yourself harmful additional sugars. However, avid yogurt eaters should note that Greek yogurt features less calcium than the regular one although it is an equally excellent source of high quality calcium.

Fortified milk alternatives

Fortified milk alternatives such as almond milk and soy have an almost similar profile as regular milk. A single serving should anytime allow you to get in touch with at least ¼ of your calcium and vitamin D needs. What is more, fortified milk alternatives is a great escape and especially if you’re used to dairy milk on regular schedules.


Although they might not be fully great for many American and European dishes, rhubarbs form an integral source of calcium. Their long and seemingly elongated features allow them to harbour a great level of calcium which means that one cup can award a third of your daily recommended calcium consumption. Therefore, rhubarbs act as a getaway to higher calcium levels in your diet allowing you to reap maximum health benefits.

Calcium – A great dieting approach

Get enough calcium to keep your  body healthy

Get enough calcium to keep your body healthy

The fact that calcium can offer added health benefits catapults it to the edge of a quality dieting lifestyle. Therefore, there is increased advocacy about the consumption of calcium at relatively standard levels. Unfortunately, many sources of calcium are fulfilling and hence will definitely limit space for other sources of nutrients. This means that anytime when consuming such foods, a regulation in the level of consumption should be carried out so as to award your overall dieting needs. Finally, other ways to get more calcium in your diet will include; leveraging partly-skimmed ricotta, cutting down on the levels of proteins and carbohydrates and actively identifying excellent sources of calcium.

Money Matters To Do A Year Before Your Retirement

Make a retirement plan

Make a retirement plan

The time that you have been preparing for a long time is fast becoming a reality. It’s barely one year left and you will then retire. There are many questions that pop in your head. Where will you be one year from now? What would you be doing? Will you make it for how many years? Where will you get your funds to sustain your for the rest of your years? These are only some of the question that one will ask. So that you won’t have worries about your retirement, here are some things that you need to do before your actual retirement:

Plan the transition

Retirement will not only involve getting the funds from your company or securing your social security. In other words, don’t focus only on the financial aspect of your retirement. You have to decide where you will leave, where you will get your money to sustain you and also your medical preparations. With so many things to think of, you need to list down and plan everything so you will not overlook all the important details.

Pay your debts as soon as possible

Get everything ready for a happy retirement

Get everything ready for a happy retirement

Once you will retire, you will have funds to sustain but not enough to pay for your debts. There are many people who worry that they will not make it simply because they still have lots of debts to settle. When you have no more debts, the entire remaining fund that you will get in your retirement will be spend on food and for sustaining you for the rest of your life and not on paying your debts. Before you retire, all your rights should be settled already.

Update legal policies and documents

Everything should be ready before your retirement including your documents and legal policies. On your last year, you still have the resources, the money and the energy to process everything. Don’t wait for the last day before you process everything. Process all the transfer to your heirs while you are still able. Keep the documents safe and protected also. In case something happens to you, you kids will not have a hard time arranging everything. Everything should be prepared before you pass away.

Revisit your medical plans and supplements

Purchase your medicines when that you need before you retire. While the money that you will receive from your social security and your insurance policy is enough to sustain you with food and medicines, it is not a reason to be complacent. You need to plan your medication, check your medical plans and insurances and make sure the papers are ready in case something happens to you. Check the exceptions on your plans so you’ll know the schedule of your visit.


Enjoy retirement

Enjoy retirement

One year to go and you will finally retire from work. There are still many things to prepare before you retire so you need to address those within the year. By the time you will retire, everything should be ready and prepared.

3 Interesting Ways To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

emails are the new business letters, make sure you send the right message

Emails are the new business letters

As time goes on and new marketing tools are being introduced into the market, there seems to be a kind of general feeling that email marketing is dying. If you follow social media marketing trends, it can be very tempting to think that many sales that online marketers are making come from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. That can be very misleading. Statistics show that email sales have even quadrupled since 2009. Although only few people still talk about email marketing, the truth is that it hasn’t changed a bit and it is still one of the best marketing tools to use today. But there are effective ways of using that old tool and you may find the three tips below very effective in getting your emails opened and read.

1. 1-on-1 Relationships work miracles

If the recipient of your email doesn’t feel something personal, you can be sure he or she will not have much interest in opening it. We always want to open emails that are personally addressed to us from people we know than mass emails. You should find out if the email you’re sending will help in developing your relationship with the recipient or weaken it. People will feel intrigued when you address the email personally to them. They also want to know who is sending the email. No matter how enticing and interesting the subject line reads, if the person doesn’t feel a 1-on-1 relationship, he or she will certainly pass or flag your email as spam. You can avoid this by using a personal name that is clearly displayed on the “from” line of the email. People love emails that are sent from a person, not from a company.

2. Your subject line should offer a benefit or provoke curiosity

Write a subject line that provokes curiosity

Write a subject line that provokes curiosity

This one is getting into the marketing tactics, but it is important to point out that it will only work well where a relationship already exists. The subject line of your email should offer some benefit to the recipient or pique his or her curiosity and make him or her want to find out what it is all about. A provoking subject line is intended to make it almost impossible or impossible for the recipient to refuse opening the email. “Did you know that…” can be a good example of an opening of a subject lines that piques one’s curiosity. Although people will want to open emails with subject lines that provoke their curiosity, it is important to ensure that the message is relevant to the subject line; otherwise they may be opening your email for the last time.

3. Write the way you speak

Write the right message using the proper language

Send the right message using the proper language

You read it right! You should write the way you speak. You have done your homework and worked so hard to get this guy to open your email. Now it’s time for you to deliver, to fulfill your promise. The last thing you want to do is to compose your email with a lot of industry jargon, big words, and run-on sentences that are hard to understand by the ordinary person. Experienced and professionals will find that very unprofessional of you. Keep it simple! Keep it easy to understand. Measure your words, just the way you would do in a physical setting when you are making a 1-on-1 sales pitch.

These are the three top tips to get your emails opened and read, but the most important thing is developing a 1-on-1 relationship that makes the recipient feel valued.